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Credit terms are Net 10 on equipment and Net 30 on all other items. In consideration of open account terms with H&C Rents, applicant agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. This application and information contained is accurate and is a request for the extension of credit. H&C Rents reserves the right to withdraw credit privileges at any time. H&C Rents has the option of placing the account on credit hold or closing the account.

The applicant authorizes H&C Rents to obtain written or oral credit reports from any credit reporting agency. The applicant authorizes any bank or business with whom the applicant has current or inactive experience to give any and all necessary information to H&C Rents which will assist in the credit investigation. Applicant also agrees to pulling of a personal credit report if it is warranted.

Applicant hereby agrees to play all collection fees, including court costs and attorney fees should this account be placed for collection at any time for any reason. Applicant also agrees that should litigation become necessary, jurisdiction will be Davidson County, Tennessee.

Personal Guaranty

Sign below ONLY if company is not incorporated or is not a Limited Liability Company.

The undersigned do hereby individually guaranty the payment of the account of the account of the above - mentioned applicant in the event this account becomes delinquent. Guarantor does hereby agree to pay all reasonable costs, expenses, and collection fees including attorney fees. Should litigation be required, the undersigned agree to jurisdiction being in Davidson County, Tennessee. Guarantor agrees that the signing of this document grants permission to pull a personal credit report on the guarantor. Each of the undersigned may terminate his/her obligation of future indebtedness by notifying H&C Rents credit department by certified mail at 100 Fernco Drive, Nashville, TN 37207. Such notification will not release the guarantor from indebtedness prior to the receipt of the termination and will only apply to the guarantor signing the termination.

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Customer’s Authorization to Release Bank and Trade Information

Attention Bank and Trade Reference: Please provide information on all accounts listed as well as any loan information. You will be serving our interest best if you provide the information over the phone. Thank you.

We hereby authorize H&C Rents, or your agents, to investigate my/our credit worthiness and will provide financial statements, tax returns, etc., as you deem necessary.

H&C Rents does not discriminate in the granting of credit based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, or age.

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