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The compact Power Breezer is a powerful mobile cooling unit that quietly cools workers, increasing worker safety and improving productivity – making it the ideal industrial cooling solution. The Power Breezer is capable of cooling a 3,000 sq. ft. area by up to 27°F.

Unlike swamp coolers, the Power Breezer has been specially engineered to cool outdoors and partially covered spaces – without getting people or equipment wet. This cooling unit is not a misting fan!

The Power Breezer is portable and can easily be ran off a generator. Thanks to the 85-gallon integrated water tank this cooling unit is self-sufficient for up to 5 days of cooling. There is no need for a hose connection. The Power Breezer is rugged, mobile, and convenient.

  • Atomizer
    • Clean atomizing technology provides pure, cool, refreshing air.
  • Integrated Lockable Lid Latch
    • Locking latch keeps the lid firmly in place when security matters. (lock not included)
  • Convenient Handle
    • Great mobility using convenient handle and rugged wheels.
  • 85-Gallon Water Tank
    • 85-gallon tank for five days of powerful cooling.
  • Easy Access Drain
    • The drain can be accessed easily and allows the tank to drain fully.
  • Locking Rear Wheels
    • Locking rear wheels allow for enhanced safety and stability when needed most.